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Xsell Resources is committed to helping our IT candidates build a rewarding career that ensures their professional growth, while confidently navigating the changing tides of the industry.

Our articles and career advice section offers technology professionals key insights on career development, job searching and managing a successful IT career through any season.

The “Cloudy” Future of IT Jobs

You’ve heard the latest buzz around cloud computing, and it’s only just begun. But did you know some of the hottest jobs in programming, development and operations now require cloud computing experience?


Blog Your Way to a New Job

As a platform to get you out in front of and noticed by more people, blogging is a powerful tool. Present yourself effectively, and you could catch the attention of key decision-makers at your next job.


Navigate Sticky Salary History Questions with Confidence: Leverage Your Recruiter’s Expertise

In addition to landing interviews, your recruiter can provide a value-add to your job search and salary negotiation by coaching you on the best ways to answer salary-related questions. When the dreaded salary topic comes up, will you know how to best handle it?


7 Dynamite Tips for Virtual Interviews

With more job candidates being subjected to interviews via Web-based video conferencing, not in person, it’s important for professionals to understand virtual interviews and prepare themselves properly for this format. By following some practical tips, candidates can be more impressive than other individuals who are called to the camera.


Due Diligence: Researching Companies Before Your Interview

Today, the process of landing a job is more competitive than ever. That’s why it’s even more important to go into job interviews feeling fully prepared. With lots of material available online plus the prevalence of social networking, doing your due diligence when it comes to researching a company is more involved than it once was. With more information about companies and even hiring managers available online, expectations for what you should know before you show up are much higher.


When It Comes to Job Search, One Size Doesn’t Fit All

Hiring managers and recruiters are receiving more applications per job opening than ever before. Standing out among them is difficult, but certainly doable. The key is customization.


Surprise! Interview Questions You Might Not be Prepared For

You’ve landed an interview for a position that you really want. You’ve done your homework on the company, networked with insiders, and you’re current on the latest technology standards. You know your strengths and weaknesses and can rattle of a list of accomplishments at the drop of a hat. So what happens when your interviewer asks a question that you didn’t rehearse?


Signs That It’s Time to Leave Your Job

When it comes to your career, it’s often all too easy to sit back, relax into a routine, and get comfortable. However, to quote Ellen Glasgow, “The only difference between a rut and a grave is their dimensions.” But how do you tell the difference between a slow couple of weeks and a dead-end job?


Surviving an Authoritarian Boss

Chances are that you’ve had one before or you have one right now: The Authoritarian Boss. But how do you distinguish an authoritarian boss from a regular one? And, if you are stuck with an authoritarian boss, how do you survive?


The Ideal Mentor: How Finding the Right Mentor Can Change Your Career

Mentoring is always valuable and having the right mentor to help can make all the difference.


When it Comes to Alumni Networks, Think Outside Your School

You’ve thought about using your school’s alumni network to find a job. But have you considered using your corporate alumni network? In a tough economy, networking is a more powerful tool than ever.


Keeping Your Value As A Candidate Up, Even While Unemployed

Job competition is tough, which means retaining your value as an employable worker is even more important when you’re in a work hiatus. But being unemployed doesn’t mean you aren’t employable; it means that you now have the time to really invest in your future.


Posing For Power: Why Body Language Matters in the Office

Understanding the basics of body language can be an important step in your managerial journey. While body language can be difficult to read and control, learning about what your body language says about you can help you to succeed and be perceived positively.


Networking Power: How To Know Everybody

The strength of your network can change your career for the better, and the fastest and easiest way to expand your network in the technology world is by joining a trade group.


In a Sea of Online Resumes, Keep Yours Exclusive and Effective

The IT world is small enough that candidates should post their resumes wisely, not widely. Job seekers should self-promote with professionalism, not risk being labeled as a spammer.


The Worst Things to Put on Your Resume

With so much riding on a resume, it’s sometimes hard to know what information should stay and what should go. But in a competitive job market, that one little page can make or break your job application.


Personality Meshing- Why Who You Are Matters

With so much riding on a resume, it’s sometimes hard to know what information should stay and what should go. But in a competitive job market, that one little page can make or break your job application.


Why In-Person Networking Still Counts

The most successful individuals maintain networks inside and outside their companies or fields of expertise. They know that networks are an essential source of information, support and opportunity.


Managing Your Career Through Turbulent Times

As economic turmoil spawns shrinking budgets and headcount, even the best and most stable IT careers can get thrown off track.


IT Consulting: Is it For You?

Feel like your IT career is coming up short in the job satisfaction department? Many IT workers are turning in the office nine-to-five routine to try their hand at consulting.


Recession-Proof Your IT Career

The current economy has created many challenges for today’s labor market. Yet, many IT workers are not only surviving the recession, but thriving.


Navigating Your Job Search in a Buyer’s Market

These economic times have changed the nature of job searching for most Americans, even for those in the high-demand IT profession. Although the technology industry has fared better than most, many IT workers are finding themselves in unchartered territory – navigating a job search in a buyer’s market.


How a Staffing Firm Can Help You Land a Job

If you’re in the market for a job, consider doing what more than 2.66 million workers did last year alone—seek the expert assistance of a staffing firm


Attention IT Pros: Stand out, Don’t Burn Out!

Standing out in IT means always thinking about how you can add value to everything you do.


Staying Motivated on Your IT Job

Feeling burned out by your IT job? For most workers, this is a feeling that doesn’t last long. Staying motivated is no easy task, but there are things that you can do to help get that hop back in your step.


The Search for a Healthier Work/Life Balance

IT workers have undoubtedly converted sweeping ideas into reality for business of all sizes. With their hard work, dedication and long hours, there is a price that many pay- a lack of work/life balance.


Playing it Safe: Jobs in IT Security

Have you ever thought of becoming an IT security specialist? Learn why this field may be an attractive and exciting career opportunity.

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