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Outsourcing Printing Services to Maximize Efficiency and Control Costs


Look around most workplaces today and you will likely see desktops, laptops and an array of peripheral devices such as printers connected to them. Hardly anyone can imagine working any other way; we take it for granted.

However, managing all this equipment is a challenge for businesses. While many firms have processes in place for supplying and servicing PCs, they do not apply the same discipline when it comes to printers. It is not unusual to see printers under employees’ desks that managers know nothing about. Since there are so many devices, they are underutilized. People waste valuable work time ordering printer consumables at premium prices paid for through expense accounts.

To this end, businesses increasingly are turning to CoreTech Solutions who have the right expertise to provide printing services in a controlled, efficient, cost-effective manner. CoreTech Solutions understands every aspect of printing services from handling new requests and purchasing equipment to monitoring these assets through to the end of their lifecycle. Moreover, partnering with CoreTech Solutions enables firms to reduce printing costs, increase productivity, save office space, conserve electricity, and more.


End-To-End Print Services


Managing print services is not a task to be underestimated. There are many complexities associated with it, especially in larger organizations. And don’t forget, workers are heavily reliant on these devices to do their jobs. CoreTech Solutions can lighten that burden by performing the following functions:


Projects and Initiatives
If a customer has a need and there is no process, then the print services team considers it a special project or initiative. CoreTech Solutions team members monitors quality indicators to improve objectives identified in the business case. The team manages projects and vendor-related tasks and sets customer expectations and timelines.

It also develops a business case for printer refresh projects, where there is an opportunity to reduce costs and improve efficiency by upgrading machines to newer technology. In addition, the team liaises with vendor partners as well as service delivery managers responsible for maintaining facilities, putting up walls and running electrical cable.


Standardized Out-Go Metrics

CoreTech Solutions print services team identifies key measurements to determine the total cost of ownership per seat or per device and then develops standard reports for management. It monitors pending problems and their status, and sets priorities based on service level agreements, systemic criticality and executive exposure.

Other responsibilities include keeping documentation and standards current and managing inventory. The team keeps abreast of the approved makes and models on the customer’s network and contains costs by limiting the number of devices that need to be maintained and supported. Evaluating proposed replacement devices also falls under the team’s remit.


Print Device Acquisition and Procurement

CoreTech Solutions printing services team is responsible for conducting feasibility studies and implementing new technology. For example, some companies recently have deployed a network-scanning device called Scan to Home. An image of a document is sent to the customer’s home drive in the network, and the user can retrieve it by inputting an ID and password. This is much simpler than the old method of building templates, temporary folders and software to retrieve the image. Feasibility studies show this saves time and reduces costs.

Also as part of inventory control, the team identifies printing and imaging assets.

Finally, CoreTech Solutions printing services team supports print office assessment. Recommendations and guidelines are provided to the CIO to be used in developing a strategy that defines the future print landscape.


A One-Stop-Shop For Improving Efficiency


Partnering with CoreTech Solutions who specializes in printing services can yield innumerable benefits. Businesses can reduce costs by implementing standard equipment across the enterprise that is endorsed by executives and set out in the IT strategy. CoreTech Solutions offers a one-stop-shop for every business’s printing services needs. Productivity is improved because workers do not have to spend time managing their own print devices. In addition, the business can conserve electricity by not having to power redundant equipment.

CoreTech Solutions professional printing services team can carefully analyze the business’s requirements and select the right equipment to meet employees’ needs. Finally, operational efficiency is improved by putting in place processes that ensure timely service deliveries.


For more information about CoreTech Solutions call 800-220-3337 or Contact Us.

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