Blog Your Way To A New Job

As a platform to get you out in front of and noticed by more people, blogging is a powerful tool. Present yourself effectively, and you could catch the attention of key decision-makers at your next job.

Describing his 25th high school reunion, a friend commented: “It was like all the photos in our yearbook came to life!” The two-dimensional teenagers on the page popped to life in three dimensions.

In fact, for job seekers, top-notch blog posts can help you come to life for recruiters and executives in the technology industry. Whether you create your own blog or comment on blogs written by industry leaders, blogging can help you land that great new job.

Either way, the goal is the same: to bring you and your unique qualifications and skills to decision-makers. Blogs can also augment your resume (include a link when you apply for a job.)

Here are five tips on blogging your way to that great technology job:

1. Wow them with words.

Start a blog that highlights your professional expertise and cutting-edge insights. Whether it’s the latest trends or examples of best practices, make your blog the go-to site for professionals in your field.

In terms of content, make it timely (update regularly), factual and absolutely free of plagiarism or other unauthorized “borrowing.”

Also, keep in mind a blog is a written communication geared to a professional audience. A blog is not a hastily written text message to your buddy. That means the quality of the writing matters, as well as spelling, punctuation and grammar.

2. Beware of the intersection of life and work.

While blogs give you a great opportunity to share your experience, beware sharing too much. No one in your professional circles needs to know you what you did last night or how your boss makes your feel.

If you need to share aspects of your personal life with the world, do it in a separate forum.

3. Comment with care

Reading and commenting on other people’s blogs puts you in direct, timely contact with a broad swath of people in your industry. Express your thoughts but be aware that cyberspace entries live forever and professional circles are small.

That means no attacks, no snide comments, no "jokes" that can be misinterpreted.

4. Include your contact information and a brief bio on your blog.

Let people know how to reach you. In fact, you could be contacted by people doing exactly what you’re doing; looking for work and seeking to expand their professional networks. You could find a great candidate for your own work team.

Also, feel free to provide a bit of context; who you are, how long you’ve been in the industry, what your work entails. This helps distinguish the newbie’s from more experienced practitioners and lays out your skills and experience.

5. Focus on key accounting and finance words and search engines.

Maximize traffic to your blog by using key, industry-specific words and giving each entry a compelling, strategic title. References to other companies and executives will also show up on search engines, which could also work in your favor.

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