Signs That It’s Time to Leave Your Job

When it comes to your career, it’s often all too easy to sit back, relax into a routine, and get comfortable. However, to quote Ellen Glasgow, “The only difference between a rut and a grave is their dimensions.” But how do you tell the difference between a slow couple of weeks and a dead-end job?

Technology is a diverse enough field that no one should let a job’s groove become a grave. There are tons of options, so if you’re considering a change, don’t let fear of the unknown limit you.

You dread Mondays—all of them.
If the thought of going to work makes you feel sick, sad, or suicidal, it’s probably time to leave. You don’t have to love every minute of every day or be best buddies with every coworker, but if your life revolves around watching the clock, your job isn’t working for you. It’s time to diversify and explore other options for your accounting skills.

Every day is dull.
One cause of clock watching can be boredom. If you don’t have enough to do and aren’t allowed to take on more responsibilities, or if the monotony of each day is just too mind numbing, you’ve probably outgrown your job. Working with numbers can be repetitive, but accounting is a broad field with limitless possibilities. Don’t get stuck crunching the same numbers day in and day out if it’s not challenging anymore.

The stress is killing you (literally).
If fresh stomach ulcers are blossoming in your gut and headaches and heartaches are becoming common ailments, your body may be sending you a signal that you’re allergic to your job. Stress is common at work. If stress from work is eating you alive, it’s time to transition to a job that will give you a little more peace.

You say the word “if” a lot.
If you had chosen a different major, if you had moved, if you had gotten that promotion—guess what? “If” doesn’t matter. The past is dead, and all you have is control over today. Stop “iffing” and start working on your to do list. Promote “if” to a position of “I will.” Explore the possibilities of what your accounting skills can do for you.

If you know your job is no longer working for you, decide today that it’s time to start looking around. You never know what might be out there unless you look, and your dream job could be waiting.

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