The Ideal Mentor: How Finding The Right Mentor Can Change Your Career

Before you can benefit from a mentor relationship, you have to find the right one. Networking and trade groups are a great place to meet a mentor, but you should also look within your company. Most firms have an existing mentorship program already in place—all you need to do is visit human resources to start the process.

If you don’t feel comfortable asking human resources for help, reach out to someone you already know and respect. Most will take it as a compliment and be glad to help. Find someone who has strong qualities that you need to work on, such as public speaking or thinking more dynamically. Spending time with someone who has mastered what you want to learn will sharpen your skills.

When starting a mentorship, make sure to define what the relationship entails. Does it consist of sporadic meetings or more regularly schedules ones? What kind of advice are you looking for? Spend time thinking about your goals. What do you want out of the mentorship? Reminding yourself of why you are investing in the relationship will help you get the most out of it.

Remember that a good relationship is about give and take; think of what you might be able to offer your mentor in return. Since your mentor is likely to be older, offer to help with social networking sites such as LinkedIn or Twitter, which they may not be as familiar with. Offer your assistance where it seems appropriate.

If you are lucky to find a great mentor, take the time to show your gratitude. A nice note with a token gift is a great way to demonstrate your appreciation. Even if you have a mentor who doesn’t help as much as you would like, maintain the value of your contact, and be polite. Express your thanks anyway.

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