Keeping Your Value as a Candidate Up, Even While Unemployed

Job competition is tough, which means retaining your value as an employable worker is even more important when you’re in a work hiatus. But being unemployed doesn’t mean you aren’t employable; it means that you now have the time to really invest in your future.

You may feel like sleeping in or hiding out, but this is a great time to get your act together and focus on what you can accomplish. Don’t mope—think about what you’re capable of and how you can show your next interviewer that you’ve been spending your time wisely.

While subscribing to trade publications can add costs up fast, there are lots of ways to stay current on industry news and developments without having to foot the bill. Publications such as Risk Magazine offer free month long trials, you could check your local library for availability, or even signing up for a Google news alert with important IT keywords can keep you updated on the industry.

Consider other ways you can keep your skills sharp. Many local charities need help. Volunteering is a great way to network, but it also keeps you involved with the community and adds a great line to your resume. Consulting is another great way to fill the days; while assignments may be small to begin with, building these networking connections may land you a full time job. Or, as companies grow, they may ask you to join their team full time.

Don’t think of your unemployment as a cosmic punishment—think of it as the opportunity it is. Decide what talents you would like to build on, then take the steps to invest in them. Taking the initiative to add to your skills and experience will show future employers what you’re made of and what kind of employee you will be.

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