Networking Power: How To Know Everybody

The strength of your network can change your career for the better, and the fastest and easiest way to expand your network in the technology world is by joining a trade group.

However, just joining isn’t enough—to be successful, you also have to participate. Like any other activity, you get out what you put in. Investing in membership and giving trade groups your time is in your career’s best interest.

First, find out the ideal networks for your field. A great comprehensive list for a variety of IT fields can be found here. Whatever your feild, there are a variety of trade groups available. Almost every one also has local or state chapter, which means it’s easy to find a group near you. Many even target women and minorities for membership.

If you’re concerned about membership fees, check with your company to see if those costs might be covered as career development expenses. Your company might also be involved with other trade groups that you can join for free.

Once you find the right group for you, invest your time by volunteering to help run events or participate on a panel. Attend national conferences and volunteer, which will make you look great and also provide the most opportunities to interact with new people.

Whatever your career goals, solid networking can help you achieve them. Invest in your network—it’s almost guaranteed to pay off.

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