In a Sea of Online Resumes, Keep Yours Exclusive and Effective

The online world has brought a seemingly infinite number of ways to publish your resume. But while posting to all of them might seem like a great way to get your name out, it’s not as great of an idea as you might think. The IT world is small enough that candidates should post wisely, not widely. Job seekers should self promote with professionalism, not risk being labeled as a spammer.

Sites such as and are bombarded with tens of thousands of resumes daily, but whether those resume bombings ever convert into real leads is another question. Companies have developed equally sophisticated programs to handle the barrage of information, which means sending your information out into the void may be just that—an empty activity.

When it comes to considering search firm databases, think carefully and do your due diligence. Find out who has access to resumes and how easily they can be copied or distributed; the last thing you want is for your boss to get your resume on his or her desk.

Sending your resume to specific jobs may be wiser than going with a plethora of databases. This also allows you to tailor your resume to each job posting. Adding specific keywords from a listing into your resume could help you pass the first round, which is usually a robot scanning for keywords.

Keep track of the different versions of your resume by date as well as by where you’ve sent them. This will make life easier when you’re ready to update your information. Update often with relevant information, such as a timely profile on Google and LinkedIn, and try your hand at a regularly updated blog.

When it comes to online resumes, quality should take precedence over quantity. Avoid peppering your resume anywhere you can, which will make you look desperate. Instead, project an image of confident professionalism with a handful of strategically placed resumes and resources that will get you noticed.

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