Personality Meshing—Why Who You Are Matters

Personality is so key in maintaining a functional workplace that some people believe it’s more important as skill set. After all, skill sets can be taught or improved, but personality is much harder to change.

Personality meshing, or matching people with certain personality traits to one another, is important. Being open to new things, considerateness of others, being introverted, and tendency to worry are just a few of the qualities that make everyone unique.

Knowing and understanding these qualities about yourself is important in life, but it’s also important for work. For example, if you tend to worry all the time and are easily stressed, your wellbeing as well as reputation might benefit from some specific time that you devote to relaxation. On the other hand, if you’re a true extrovert, you might do better in a sales position than in a job where you sit and crunch numbers.

Understanding your personality is a great start, but it should also come into play as you navigate relationships at work. Being aware of the personality types around you will help you get things done more efficiently, avoid stepping on toes, and over time, even improve your career as you build stronger relationships.

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