Why In-Person Networking Still Counts

How important is networking? Enormously. The more people you know the more opportunities you have.

The most successful individuals maintain networks inside and outside their companies or fields of expertise. They know that networks are an essential source of information, support and opportunity.

Networks produce the references and referrals that can make the difference in your IT career development and employment opportunities. If you feel you lack the skills to connect to people, take heart. Anyone can learn to network effectively. Here are some tips from Technisource to help build your network of professional support.

Market Yourself

To begin building your network, consider creating and practicing presentation statements - brief summaries of who you are, your strengths and your career direction.

Find Opportunities to Build Your Network

Lacking opportunities to meet interesting people? It's time to take action. Join professional IT organizations. Some of the bigger ones include the IT Trade Association of America and the Computer Technology Industry Association. And be sure to check out local IT groups in your area. In addition, attend business events, such as Chamber of Commerce meetings.

Use Your Hobbies and Interests to Help Your Career

Don't limit yourself to professional organizations. Take up a new activity, volunteer, attend a class or join a club. All of these activities offer ways to meet new contacts while doing something that interests you. You never know where you will meet someone who is the in the IT industry, a recruiter, or a friend of a friend who works for a corporation that is hiring.

Grow Your Network Strategically

As you build your professional network, look for variety. While your network should include peers and leaders within your profession and industry, a diverse group of contacts introduces you to new ideas and opportunities. Besides, you never know how and when the right contact can help you grow or learn.

Always Give Back

Reciprocity is the key to successful networking. Remember that when someone becomes a part of your network, you become a part of theirs. Be ready and willing to help friends and colleagues. The support you provide today will help you secure the support you need tomorrow.

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