Managing Your Career Through Turbulent Times

As economic turmoil spawns shrinking budgets and headcount, even the best and most stable IT careers can get thrown off track.

In today’s difficult economy, even the best and most stable careers can get thrown off track. When the news delivers constant stories of economic downturns, mass layoffs, and unstable markets, how can you stabilize your own career and still ensure that you succeed?

Here are some tips from Technisource to help you navigate your career through the ups and downs during turbulent times:

Focus on the positive, not the negative

Don’t obsess about what you have lost or what you are afraid to lose. Focus instead on the good things you do have. Make a list of your blessings, and you’ll discover you still have a lot to be thankful for. Regaining a positive outlook will not only help you feel better and more secure in what really matters, but it could also help you stay in the game. If your manager has to make tough decisions about who to keep, would he/she lean towards someone with a great outlook who keeps cool under pressure, or someone who is always stressed out?

Set goals

A difficult economy means lots of doors are closing, but that doesn’t mean you can’t still get where you want to go. Think carefully about what your career goals are and know what you want. You may need to get creative about the path you take to get there, but your goals are certainly still attainable. Think of the detours as an adventure and a learning experience instead of disasters.

Get involved

Volunteering inside and outside of work is a great way to network and market yourself. If you can volunteer for extra tasks or planning committees at work, do it. You’ll become more involved with your co-workers and also become a more valuable team player for the company. Volunteering in the community or through a professional organization can be a great way to network, and it could also give you a renewed sense of thankfulness and well being.

Stay connected

Don’t go off the grid during rough times. Stay connected with co-workers and other people in your network. You never know who might surprise you with a great lead, and staying connected will keep you top of mind. Make sure to keep your list of contacts and their information current, and have a plan for staying in touch.

In closing, remember: Life isn’t predictable, and you never know what great opportunities may come. Just make sure that when they do come, you are ready to receive them.

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