Navigating Your Job Search in a Buyer’s Market

These economic times have changed the nature of job searching for most Americans, even for those in the high-demand IT profession. Although the technology industry has fared better than most, many IT workers are finding themselves in unchartered territory – navigating a job search in a buyer’s market.

Not long ago, demand for technology workers in this country was soaring, even despite the outsourcing of much technology work overseas. Employers were scrambling to intensify their recruiting and retention efforts to acquire much needed skills. Ah, how quickly things can change. Today, most salaries for IT workers are on the decline alongside IT job vacancies. The current high unemployment levels have most assuredly turned this into an employer’s market.

Despite this, it’s important to note that although times have changed, it’s not all doom and gloom for technology workers. Fortune Magazine recently published its list of top 20 industries that are recruiting the most, and technology is among them.Yet, many out-of-work technology professionals or job change seekers are finding themselves in unchartered territory.

Here are some tips on how to navigate a job search in a buyer’s market:

Be Open-Minded
Expand the types of job opportunities you are willing to pursue. Many IT workers don’t realize that although they may not have the exact skills to fit a job description, they may have enough to give them leverage to be hired. Be sure to market your transferable skills during an interview, pointing out your strong desire to learn, and how your specific skills make you qualified for the job.

Even if a job isn’t quite what you had in mind, it may still turn out to be a valuable learning environment for your career down the road. Remember, work experience is not just about gaining more skills, it’s also about learning how to work with different personalities, management styles, and cultures.

Consider Pursuing Certifications
Particularly in today’s market, certifications can give job seekers a real competitive edge. When you’re competing among hundreds for a position,offering proof through certification(s) can catapult you to the front of the pack.

Companies hiring today are less likely to hire someone they have to train, so even a certification in a particular product can be an “in” for job seekers. In fact, according to a survey by the Information Technology Association of America, employers prize certifications as the third most important applicant qualification.

Look for Job Opportunities in the Right Places
Try expanding your search from Internet-only engines or online job boards. Get out there and network through technology associations, job search groups, technology recruiters or even social groups. Many open jobs are never posted online or advertised. Many times, the best opportunities are discovered through word-of-mouth, networking and informational interviews.

Bottom Line
Don’t be afraid to get creative with your job search and assertively seek opportunities. It may take some rethinking of lifestyle and salary requirements, or learning new skills, but there are many companies that are hiring across the country.

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