Attention IT Pros: Stand Out, Don’t Burn Out!

Standing out in IT means always thinking about how you can add value to everything you do.

IT professionals are today’s heroes. From keeping the network humming to guarding against cyber attacks, they are our stopgap against IT disaster. Every day, they labor to be all things to all people, modern-day miracle workers. But it is the few, the proud, the totally knowledgeable, who stand out as superheroes. So don your cape and take yourself and your job to the next level with these five strategies:

1. Look at the Big Picture:

Analyze how your organization makes money and determine how IT can further those processes or even create a new revenue stream. Surely the IT function can be enhanced in some way to add value to your organization.

Also, be prepared to create or fine-tune an enterprise-wide system that supports the business objectives. A very big job, no doubt, but mastery of the skills needed to carry it out will make you very valuable indeed.

2. Manage a Project from Beginning to End:

Develop your skills so you can oversee a project, from a new application to an internal compliance program, from beginning to end. You don’t need to be an expert every step of the way but you do need to have enough knowledge to ensure the system is functioning at peak level.

Stay on time and on budget. If you can’t do that, be sure to communicate the reasons and what to expect in terms of a completion date and final cost.

3. Keep up Your Technical Skills:

Few fields change as quickly as IT. Be sure you are maintaining a full range of technical abilities that are critical now and for the future. Stay current through training, classes and trade publications. Understand and embrace new technologies. In addition, stay abreast of entertainment technologies that are being adapted (or adopted outright) for business purposes.

4. Be a Good Communicator and a Patient Teacher:

Understand that most people have far less experience than you but they can be taught the basics and beyond. Empower people in your organization to learn how to solve their own problems and to think proactively about devising systems that support their individual goals.

Also, be alert for questions and concerns that occur among several people or departments. In a critical way, you are the first line of defense against systemic problems and failures.

5. Understand Today’s Regulatory and Risk Environment:

SEC and other regulations govern many systems, particularly those in banking and finance. Be sure you thoroughly understand the regulations and requirements and how to implement them. Seek expert help and keep top management fully informed.

Also, be cognizant of the vulnerability of your IT infrastructure. At any time, your system could be brought down by anything from a massive power outage to an explosion. Plan for a range of worst-case scenarios and be sure your business could continue to function in the event of a major disruption. Increasingly, business continuity planning occurs across an organization. Be sure you are a part of that planning and have the resources in place for recovery.

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