New Year, New Start: Staying Motivated On Your IT Job

Feeling burned out by your IT job? For most workers, this is a feeling that doesn't last long. Staying motivated is no easy task, but there are things that you can do to help get that hop back in your step.

You know the feeling. You wake up one day and the thrill is gone. You and your IT job are no longer in love.Don’t despair. You can bring back the spark and rekindle your enthusiasm and motivation. You may wonder: Why should I even bother? But your happiness, as well as your financial health, is at stake.

Here are five strategies to pursue when you’ve lost that loving feeling:

1. Figure Out What’s Gone Wrong:

You and your job were a good fit at one point. What's changed? Have you grown while the job has stayed the same? Do you have a new supervisor or different responsibilities? Whatever the cause, you need to pinpoint the reason for your dissatisfaction and lack of motivation. You don't want to dwell too much; you’re looking for solutions, not a complaint-fest. But you do need to analyze how your job can better meet your needs. Then you can move on to the next stage: Taking action.

2. Set Personal and Professional Goals:

Whether you’ve lost your way through external forces (your company's been acquired, for example) or a lack of personal focus and planning, the result is the same. You are drifting with no clear goals. It's time to shake it up and create the technology job of your dreams. Use your job description as a launching pad and blow it out to maximize the work you love. Setting goals and creating an action plan will go a long way toward restoring your enthusiasm and boosting your performance. Success breeds success. Recognition, a promotion and a raise could be right around the corner!

3. Look at the Big Picture:

Everybody gets depressed and demoralized when they feel like their work has no connection to what goes on around them. The antidote? Understand how your IT job fits into the company's larger goals and how your actions affect others in your organization. Sometimes, taking the long view can help put things into perspective and make even routine tasks seem a little less mundane. Equally important, it can help you plot your next moves within your organization.

4. Find Mentors, Colleagues and Friends:

Don’t underestimate the importance of having professional and personal support at work. Whether you're helping someone do her job better or collaborating with colleagues, productive working relationships can transform your job - and your attitude. Working in isolation (or with negative coworkers) makes everything seem dreary. Make a sincere effort to acknowledge and appreciate your coworkers and you'll soon be feeling the love.

5. Find Balance and Take Care of Yourself:

Even the most satisfying work can become tedious if it takes over your life. For most people, a good work-life balance, with time for family, friends and hobbies, is a career-booster, not a career-killer. Beware of burnout. Outside activities enrich your life and make you a better, happier employee. When you are more relaxed and less stressed, you’re a better problem-solver, more productive employee and a lot more fun to be around.

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